What size canvases do you offer?

What size canvases do you offer?

Please refer to the table below for all our canvas sizes.

 NOTE: We currently do not offer custom sizes but hope to have these available in the future. Be sure to check back with us regularly to see if these are available.

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    • Can I print my image across multiple canvases?

      While we do not offer the option to print your photo across several canvases, you can certainly create this effect yourself by editing your photo first, then creating individual canvases for each section of the photo. 
    • Do you offer a collage canvas option?

      We do offer a collage canvas option in sizes 11x14 and 16x20 with up to 7 photos. Click here to create your collage! If you are looking for a different size, you can create a collage using a third-party program and upload your one photo while placing ...
    • What is an Acceptable Quality/Resolution for The Size Canvas I Selected?

      Select the size of the canvas you would like to purchase before uploading your image. This will ensure the resolution requirements are set for the correct size canvas. If your resolution does not meet the canvas requirements you will be notified with ...
    • Do you offer discounts for designers, artists or photographers?

      We do not offer discounts or combined shipping options unless it is specifically part of a promotional offer.
    • What Photo Enhancements Do You Offer?

      We offer the following Photo Enhancement options: Basic Photo Enhancement Our artists will personally balance the color and lighting of your image. Basic Photo Enhancement includes the following: Color Correction and Balance (The warmth of your ...