What Photo Enhancements Do You Offer?

What Photo Enhancements Do You Offer?

We offer the following Photo Enhancement options:

Basic Photo Enhancement Our artists will personally balance the color and lighting of your image. Basic Photo Enhancement includes the following:

  1. Color Correction and Balance (The warmth of your overall photo is altered to bring out already existing colors that may be covered due to a hue in the original image)
  2. Lighting Balance (Contrast and exposure are enhanced to bring out any existing black and white in the original image, as well as over or under-exposure of light) 
Standard Photo Enhancement In addition to receiving the Basic Photo Enhancement, our artists will perform the following on your photo:
  1. Red Eye Removal (Removes any existing red-eye glare in the original photo)

  2. Time Stamp Removal (Removes any timestamp from an original image, or hard copy scanned onto the computer)

  3. Photo Centering (Our experienced artists ensure your entire photo is centered on the canvas using editing software and professional techniques. 

Advance Photo Remastering Not only will you receive all our features offered in the Standard Photo Enhancement, our artists will also perform the following on your photo:

  1. Sharpening (Enhances the definition of edges in your image to assist with any fuzziness or blur)

  2. Skin Smoothing (We will smooth the skin on the subject of your photo eliminating any crow’s feet or unwanted wrinkles)

  3. Blemish Removal (We will remove any blemishes on the subject’s skin from the original image)

  4. Teeth Whitening (Any teeth or smiles showing in your image will be whitened to be sure you have a bright smile)


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