What Photo Effects are offered?

What Photo Effects are offered?

We currently offer 6 different photo effects that are applied to your photo by one of our Photo Editors. The options are the following:

Vintage - Give your photo an old style look. Vintage fades back the color just a bit and neutralizes the tones to give your image a peaceful balance with an old photo feeling. Great for special moments in time.

Depth - Make the subject matter of your photo pop by adding a slight blur to the backdrop of your image. Naturally, our eyes perceive depth by levels of clarity and the sharper the image is in the front, the closer and more impactful it appears. Great for photos with a landscape background.

Intensify - Sharpen up your image with Intensify. This effect creates dramatic contrast between the whites and darks in your image. It makes the details really pop and works great on photos with lots of textures.

Color Pop - We enhance your image by pushing the saturation levels of the colors. We carefully increase the color vibrancy while maintaining a natural balance of color information. Great for photos that are outdoors or toned down.

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