What is an Acceptable Quality/Resolution for The Size Canvas I Selected?

What is an Acceptable Quality/Resolution for The Size Canvas I Selected?

Select the size of the canvas you would like to purchase before uploading your image. This will ensure the resolution requirements are set for the correct size canvas. If your resolution does not meet the canvas requirements you will be notified with the pop-up below:



You can also check the resolution of your photo by right clicking your image, then by clicking properties you can locate the resolution by viewing the dimensions, height x width. The chart below will list the minimum requirements for each size canvas, reference this with your image’s resolution for the best quality canvas.

Canvas SizePixels
6 x 6450 x 450
8 x 10600 x 800
10 x 10800 x 800
10 x 12800 x 1000
11 x 14850 x 1100
14 x 141100 x 1100
16 x 201200 x 1500
10 x 30800 x 2300
18 x 241400 x1800
16 x 321200 x 2400
20 x 301500 x 2300
24 x 361800 x 2300
20 x 481500 x 3600

For Pillows - 
18x18 pillow: 2700 x 2700
16x16 pillow: 2400x2400
12x12 pillow: 1800x1800

For Blankets -
7875 × 9375

The suggested numbers are only suggestions. The quality will depend on the subject, colors, sharpness, and exposure of the uploaded photo.

Zoom in on your photo to ensure the subject of your photo is in focus, while the resolution may be high a blurry photo will result in a blurry canvas. Our system will not notify you if the photo is blurry or out of focus.

Enlarging a photo to meet resolution requirements will not help the quality. The low resolution is a result of low quantity of pixels. Adding pixels to the photo using editing software will result in a pixelated canvas as the quality of the pixels will be damaged.

Currently we can only accept JPEG or PNG file. We recommend using Image Files that are 2MB or higher. Images that are under 2MB and are larger than 700KB should still work. We do not accept any images larger than 26MB.

For the best result we recommend using photos with 150 DPI but can use a minimum of 75 DPI.

The resolution from most Digital Cameras produce clear images on our canvases. You can always check the resolution of your photo by right-clicking your image, then click properties, and the height and width will be your photos resolution. Compare your photos resolution to the chart above to ensure you select the correct size canvas.

Most Smartphones can now shoot a high-resolution photo. To check your photo resolution on a smartphone you will need to download a photo editing app. The easiest way to do this if you have computer access is to email the photo to yourself.

If you do not have access to a computer or any photo editing software, it is advised to follow the guidelines below:

  • Use unedited jpg photos from your smart phone or camera
  • Refrain from using screenshots of photos
  • Refrain from using a photo of a photo
  • Avoid images from social media, which tend to be compressed
  • Avoid images from search engines like google which tend to be compressed

Note: Images downloaded from other sources may result in a lower resolution photo.


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