Image Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions

Image Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions

Submit your image for a chance to win a prize! Prize varies by sweepstakes and is described on the entry page. One random drawing per contest, expiring on the date specified on the sweepstakes page. We may feature your image(s) on our website or social media channels.

Winner will be announced on our social media channels and/or our blog (

By entering this sweepstakes, you certify that you have the legal right to distribute and grant further rights to the use of your image.

We will NOT sell or make physical prints of your image.

Full Terms

  1. Entries may be submitted by uploading your photo and submitting your email on a sweepstakes page. Purchase not required for entry.
  2. By submitting an image, user grants CanvasPeople, a Transfor Digital Media Marketing, Inc. company (Transfor), an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive license to publish submitted image(s), city, user's first name, and any captions submitted on the website, CanvasPeople social media channels, and/or marketing materials. Slight image alterations may be made by our staff in order to fit properly on our site or email newsletters.
  3. Each sweepstakes has an individual page, which contains an ending date and time for that sweepstakes.
  4. Winner is selected at random with no discrimination towards gender, race, or age. At our discretion, we may select another winner if the submitted image is very low quality. All decisions are final.
  5. Winner will be announced on the sweepstakes page for at least two months following the conclusion of the sweepstakes.
  6. For each sweepstakes, one (1) winner will be awarded a prize as described on the contest entry page. In the event the prize is for a free product, it shall be awarded as a voucher. Voucher must be redeemed within six (6) months from date of award. In the event a voucher expires without being redeemed, replacement vouchers will not be awarded. Voucher has no cash value.
  7. Winner will be contacted by email at the email address provided at time of submission. Winner must respond with requested information within fourteen (14) days to claim the prize. Failure to respond within the time limit will constitute forfeiture of the prize. CanvasPeople may, at its discretion, select another winner or elect not to award the prize for that month.
  8. Users may enter once per sweepstakes. Additional image submissions will be accepted for use by CanvasPeople but will not be considered as entries to the sweepstakes.
  9. Our sweepstakes are void where prohibited by law. Users assume the total responsibility of knowing their local laws in regard to sweepstakes and are subject to any local, state, national, or international laws. CanvasPeople accepts no responsibility for making these individual legal determinations.
  10. Images shall remain the legal property of the user. Transfor shall not sell prints of submitted photos without the explicit permission of the user.
  11. Offensive images, including but not limited to nudity, under-age children, profanity, and hateful content will be excluded at our discretion.
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