Authorizing access to your Facebook photos

Authorizing access to your Facebook photos

In order to print your Facebook photos, we need access to your account.

Authorizing access
To authorize access, click the Facebook icon next to the photo upload button to bring up an authorization window, and then click Continue as <your name>.


Don't see any photos?
Make sure you have photos in your account
If you're not seeing any photos, make sure you have photos uploaded to your Facebook account. We're not able to access photos uploaded by others that you have been tagged in.

Reauthorize access to your photo
It may help to authorize access to your photos again. To do so, follow these intructions:
  1. Go to the Apps and Websites settings in Facebook  (click this link or go to Facebook, visit the Settings page, and click Apps and Websites).
  2. Check the box next to CanvasPeople app
  3. Click Remove
  4. Return to and follow the instructions above - Authorizing access

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